Vacuum Cleaner Accessories and Attachments: A Complete Guide

Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

You know that vacuum cleaner is basic appliances to clean your home as well as working places including floors and carpets. But you may need some others additional vacuum cleaner accessories and attachments to perform your cleaning task properly. Depending on your vacuum cleaner parts and function, you have to pick up the right accessories and attachments.

There are various types of vacuum accessories and attachments having various functions even. Among them, you can select which can fulfill your need. But may face some difficulties in taking a decision that which one you need if you don’t know the function of them and how to use them.

Considering your difficulties, I am putting here a complete guideline on vacuum cleaner accessories, their functions and how to use these accessories. Here I have explored the most important accessories and attachments in the vacuum cleaners industry and how you can use them.

Things to Consider for Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

But before going to buy vacuum cleaner accessories, consider about your home’s stairs, size and the floor surface. Try to find out what vacuum cleaner parts you need to smooth your lifestyle and to fulfill your personal needs. And the most important thing which you cannot overlook in purchasing these accessories is what types of vacuum cleaner you actually use.

In a nutshell, you have to take in consideration the following points before purchasing any accessories.Vacuum Attachments

  • Vacuuming Schedule
  • Types of allergies
  • Noise
  • Weight of accessories
  • Types of your Pets going to be cleaned

Types of Vacuums

In purchasing such accessories, you may also consider the types vacuum cleaner you have. Because it will help you to match the accessories with your vacuum cleaner.

The most common types of the vacuum cleaner are mentioned below:

  • Handheld & Stick Vacuums
  • Upright Vacuums
  • Robot Vacuums and Mops
  • Steam Mops
  • Canister Vacuums
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Commercial & Garage Vacuums

Actually accessories and attachments varies from cleaner to cleaner and you must have one that compatible with your one.

Most Common Accessories for Vacuum Cleaner

Actually, there is a good range of such accessories available in the market. But all of them may not need you at all. So, I am going to bring up here below such types of accessories indeed, which you probably are looking for. So, let’s check out the most essential accessories you may need.

Accessory Bag

The first thing you need is an accessory bag itself. It is very essential as you need a place to put all the accessories I am going to list below.

Usually, manufacturers are also concern about this and most of the time they themselves offer an accessory bag for you if you purchase bulk accessories.

You can put your accessories in the closet, tool shop or in a nearby storage facility. But for a better and easier storage, you should have a specific accessories storage bag.

Floor brush

Floor brush is one of the universal vacuum attachments that every vacuum cleaner must have because most of the time vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning floor.

Floors are these very areas which are very tough to clean. So, you should not show any causality in cleaning your floor. You should clean your floor regularly and for this, you need a good floor brush.

Floor brush will help you to do this floor cleaning task easily. You can use a floor brush to handle all types of floor cleaning. But there are some types of these brushes. As for example, some floor brushes are specially made for hardwood floors cleaning only and some are designed for only tiled floors cleaning.

Powered brush

The others name of this brush is Turbo brush or Multi-tool brush. The special feature of this brush is that it is a smaller brush roll powered by an independent motor. You can clean even the tighter places of your floor by it. But don’t use it as a regular basis.

Upholstery brush

The bristles of an upholstery brush are quite long and more brittle. So, it is an ideal tool for your carpets cleaning. It also works well in furniture cleaning and to force soap. You will get rid of all odor, dirt, and stains.

You may also use it for removing debris from your armchairs and couches.

Vacuum brush

It is hard floor cleaning tool. It has longer and thinner bristles than the aforesaid. These bristles loosen hair, dirt, and dust lodging into the fibers of your fabric. It may be your sofa or carpet; a vacuum brush can loosen and clean away even the tiniest particles.

Vacuum parts

You can also consider to have another two popular types of brushes namely:

  • 1-1/4-inch Round brush
  • 2-1/2-inch Multi-angle brush

Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

There are also some vacuum cleaner attachment that will power up your cleaning process. Some of them are as follows.

Ceiling fan attachment

IT is very hard to clean the ceiling fan as well as it’s blades as it is difficult to reach it. But with a ceiling fan attachment, you can make it easy to clean your ceiling fan together with it blades even.

These extensions of vacuum cleaner have been made in such a manner that the attachment can wrap flexibly around the fan blades and you can dust and clean both sides of the blade at the same time.

Claw utility nozzle

It is an attachment of a wedge-shaped. It is curved inwards and towards the head. You can use it to clean dry and wet messes. It is an excellent solution for boats, campers, and car interiors cleaning.

Crevice tool

This attachment is narrowed towards the end. So, you can clean every corner, and tight areas with it. If you use it, you can hope that from now no hidden places of your home will remain unclean. It is helpful in cleaning sofa cushions, carpet corners as well as baseboards.

You can also check out the following attachments as essential accessories of your vacuum cleaner.

  • Dust bender
  • Drain hero
  • Extension wand
  • Hand sander
  • Hard Floor tool
  • Mini blinds attachment
  • Vertical blinds attachment
  • Multipurpose floor nozzle
  • Y splitter adapter
  • Stair cleaner
  • 1-1/4-inch Anti-static replacement hose assembly
  • 2-1/2-inch conversion unit
  • Pet tool
  • Plastic liners

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have now a clear idea about all the vacuum cleaner accessories and attachments. Just make sure before purchasing that which vacuum accessories you need to fulfill your cleaning demand and purchase accordingly.

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