Different Type of Shark Vacuum Parts for Replacement

Shark Vacuum Parts

Shark vacuums have become very popular as time passed by. They have come up with different types of shark vacuum parts for replacement purpose. This way you do not have to replace the whole cleaner set. If a part is not working, you can buy that part of the cleaner and replace it. Shark provides you with so many accessory tools. You can replace most of them.

When it comes to a vacuum cleaner, we think that it is only for cleaning the floor. But this is not a true statement. The attachments that come with the cleaner helps you to clean in a versatile way. Different type of cleaning needs different attachments. You can make the cleaner's life longer by buying parts that somehow got damaged or lost. You invest a big amount when you buy a vacuum cleaner. Replacing the whole cleaner would double your cost. If you want to cut the cost then buying the replacement parts is a good choice. It will 100% reduce an enormous amount of cost.

Why do you need to replace the shark vacuum parts

There are few reasons why you need to replace the parts of you shark vacuum cleaner.

  • It may be costly to replace the whole vacuum for just one damaged part.
  • You may have lost some of the parts.
  • Damaged or worn off over time.
  • The capability of cleaning has reduced over time.
  • Broken due to some unfortunate event.

Types of Shark Vacuum Parts for Replacement

There are so many shark vacuum parts that you can replace. Even the minor parts of the vacuum too. Each model of shark vacuum cleaners has different replacement parts. You should understand that the model is important. And you should buy the parts under the shark model you bought. Below I have discussed some of the important cleaner parts that you will need for your everyday life.

Crevice tools

It is a tool that you will attach it to the hose. This is used to clean areas that a vacuum might not clean. With each shark vacuum cleaner model, you get a set of crevice tools. It can be of different sizes. The size may be 11 inches, 12 inches, or 24 inches. The length of the crevice tool depends on the model you are buying. You may buy these attachments for better cleaning. The long ones are useful when you are cleaning under furniture that has more depth. Such type of furniture is a wide sofa or a huge showcase.

Crevice tools

With this tool, you are able to reach areas that have narrow space. Also, you may clean under baseboards, radiators and many other places with ease. You may keep a small size for regular use and a big one for areas that is difficult to reach. You may find different sized crevice tools with different shapes.

Dusting brushes

One of the major shark vacuum parts is dusting brushes. It contains soft bristles which help to dust anything without scratching them. You may use it anywhere as it sucks in all the dust. Also, if you are cleaning anything that is painted, it will not harm or mark the object. You may use this to clean any glass object, appliances, and almost anywhere. There are different types of dusting brushes for each model. You may select the ones that suit your vacuum. At times, you may use this brush to dust anything that is delicate in nature.

Dusting brushes
  • Multi-angle dusting brushes- It is an amazing tool. This brush has the ability to adopt different positions for better cleaning. The bristles of the brush both in the back and front is stiffer. This helps the user to clean dust that is hard to remove.
  • Mini-motorized brush- It is a great brush. These brushes are shark vacuum parts which are available for buying for replacement. It helps to collect the tiniest of dust or pet hair from any floor area. You may use this to deep clean.
  • Bare floor brush- The tool is wide and narrow. The bristles on it are short and stiff which helps to remove the tiniest dust on any surface. You may use this on hardwood or tile. But remember not to use this on any carpets or rugs.
  • Turbo brush- It is like the motorized brush head. But the size is smaller. The bristles can rotate with help in the better cleaning of stairs. Moreover, you may use this to clean your car or anything that is like a sofa.

Duster crevice tools

A duster crevice tool is a 2 in 1 attachment tool of shark vacuum. This is a combination of dusting brush and crevice tool. This is a useful item. You are able to clean many floor area while you extend your cleaning to narrow spaced area. Do not under-estimate the power of this tool. It has greater suction power. Also, while using the tool the suction will not fluctuate.

Duster crevice tools

Upholstery tools

The upholstery tools are one of the shark vacuum parts. It helps to clean dust from sofas and padded chairs. The tool is a lint brush with a suction ability that pulls the dust inside. You may use this tool to clean bed bugs or dead skin cell from your bed. You may also use this tool to clean carpets as the bristles on it is brittle. This helps to scrub of the stickiest of grime with soap. Also, removing the stain from any furniture becomes easier.

Upholstery tools

Extension wands

The extension wand helps you to reach that is beyond your capability for cleaning. It is attached to the vacuum hose so that you can extend your reach. This is helpful as the vacuum solely may not offer you this ability.

  • Under-appliance wand- You may use this to clean under stuff that is hard to move. They are under the appliances or heavy furniture. It has a flip extension. This helps the user to clean the underside of appliances.
  • Back saver wand- The wand bends in such a way that helps your vacuum to reach under any furniture.

Pet multi-tools

The pet multi-tool is a 2 in 1 tool. This shark vacuum parts for the replacement has soft bristled brush. Along with an upholstery tool. You need to detach the brush to reveal the upholstery tool. The brush is used to clean any sort of stuck up debris. And the other one helps to clean any pet hair around the house. People who own pets will find this useful.


Filters lock the dust inside. They do not let them escape. This way the cleaning becomes easier.

  • HEPA filter- This is one of the sharks patented technology. It has an anti-allergen technology. This helps to remove impurities from the air in an effective manner. People who have allergies should buy this as it will help them stay away from allergic reactions.
  • Foam and felt filter kit- This kit contains one foam filter and one felt filter. It is important to change the filters. This way you will get a healthy and purified environment while cleaning.

Above floor accessory hose

This tool is important when you are trying to clean something that is above the floor. The hose is 3 feet long. You may stretch it to clean ceiling fans, cupboards, shelves, and many others.


Brush roll plays an important part in cleaning your home in a proper manner. They are the most needed shark vacuum parts. It is a part of the power brush assembly. This helps to remove the dirt from carpet type material with ease. Even the stickiest ones will not last for long. The brush has the ability to clean on uneven areas. This way you are able to create barefoot cleaning on all type of surfaces. You need to change the brush rolls if it is damaged. Otherwise, the power brush will not deep clean the rugs or carpets.


Canister caddy

There are shark models which have the lift away option. You can convert them into a canister. And here comes the canister caddy handy. This makes your rotator vacuum to work as a fully-functional canister vacuum. You may put the canister on top of the caddy. It makes easier to roam around while cleaning. Also, you are able to keep the necessary tools on the caddy for easy access.

Battery pack

The shark cordless sweepers run on batteries. If by any chance the batteries die, you need to replace it. There are different types of battery packs for each model. It is important to know your vacuum model. This way you can ask the seller to give you the correct pack. The volt of the batteries might be different from the model. In this case, there are chances that the vacuum might become damaged.

So, before buying check the shark vacuum parts to choose the correct one. The price of the battery packs is not much. To make the vacuum last longer you must buy the replacement battery pack of shark vacuum. Other brands may also damage the cleaner. To buy vacuum battery pack, Click Here.

Battery pack

Chargers or adapters

Since some of the shark products run on batteries, you need an adapter to charge it. Over time the adapter may wear off. This part is replaceable. You can buy it. It is important that the charger must support your vacuum and the battery packs. If not, there are chances that you might damage the whole vacuum cleaner. It is wise to use the shark brands adapter for replacement. Other brands may hamper the cleaner.

Chargers or adapters

Microfiber cleaning pads

The microfiber cleaning pads are for everyday use. The pads have an enormous amount of micro-fibers that helps to detect and lock the dirt. It helps to remove the stickiest of dirt on hard floor areas. Also, it helps to sanitize the area while cleaning. After cleaning you will notice that the surface dries within few seconds. The pads are washable. It is important that you need to maintain the pads as they are always performing heavy-duty work. It is best to air dry this shark vacuum parts.

Car and home detailing kit

This is toolkit where there are several tools. It is especially used to clean any type of vehicles. The tools are tiny for which you can store them almost anywhere. Since the tools are micro-sized you may clean any corner of your vehicle with ease. The tools come up with a storage case. It is great to carry when you are traveling. Also, if you own pets, there are chances there will be pet hair everywhere in your car. With this toolkit, you are able to clean anytime. It is not mandatory that you have to use it in your car. You may also use it in cleaning your home.

Shark carpet glider

This is an important part. It helps to sanitize the carpets and rugs of your home with the help of steam. This tool is attached to the microfiber cleaning pad. By moving forward and backward in slow motion you can clean the rugs. You may use this for carpets only. Do not use on other things as it might damage them. It is important that you vacuum clean the carpets first before using this.

Final Words

In the end, I would say shark vacuum parts are an important factor for better cleaning. It also helps to increase the life of your shark vacuum cleaner. They are useful and has the same ability to clean. The quality of the replacement parts is high. This way you can stay assured that the parts are not just the replacement but the exact same piece. The extensions also help in doing a variety of works. You may buy some of the replacements to make your existing cleaner better.

Moreover, you invest a lot of money while buying a vacuum cleaner. It is normal that you may expect it to last for years. Due to some unfortunate event, you may find yourself that some of the parts are damaged or lost. It will not be a wise decision if you buy a whole new vacuum. In this case, buying the replacement parts is the best choice. It reduces your cost and provides you with the same quality cleaning. You can read more buying guides that will help you to know more things about shark vacuum and parts.

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