Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 Review

Shark Steam Pocket Mop is one of the best mop cleaner. In Shark Steam Pocket Mop Review, we are going to learn about shark S3501 mop all by sides. We all know how the daily chores of a house. It’s messy, time killing and drains your energy completely. Most of us use to clean floors every single day by hands and knees with scrubs and water or floor cleaner. No matter how hard you try you never clean of all the dirt completely.

Over and above your cleaning is not meant to remove dirt and dust if you have a toddler at home. Your floor needs to be germ-free as well. A steam mop could be your best frond to clean floors completely. That why shark created this steam pocket mop that can completely clean all type of hard floors without using chemicals. It’s over the heated seat is great for removing stains, dust, debris and also the germs. The Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 also good for lasting the color and shine of the floor as well.

Shark Steam Pocket Mop:Shark Steam Pocket Mop Review

The shark steam mop is like other mops while it comes to use. It’s super handy and effective for fast cleaning. You can use it for home, shop, office or any other area consisting of hard floors. This mop comes with better water capacity compare than its previous model so you can now clean a large area at a time without refilling.

  • Mop Name: Shark Steam Pocket Mop
  • Brand & Model: Shark – S3501
  • Steam Control: Manual
  • Pad Type: 1 micro-fiber pad
  • Water Tank Capacity: 220ml
  • Vacuum Weight: 4.9 pounds
  • Cord length: 18 ft.
  • Dimensions: 51.2 x 12 x 5.9 inches

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Features of Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501

A mop that one uses for daily floor cleaning needs some solid features and performance. The Steam mops are bit different from other mops that we use for floor cleaning. It has a seaming system which consists, water reserve and heater. The heater heats up water and creates streams that come through the wand and then the washing pad.

In general, cases you need to use a bucket full of water and socket the pad before cleaning the surface. But here the water preserver already head the water filled and continuously supply the steam. The image you are cleaning the floor with extra heated dump cloth. The warm damp cloth is good on cleaning even stick and oily muddle. So you can imagine how it can work on you messy or muddy floors.

That’s was the action of an ideal steam mop. Now it’s time to see how Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 work as a steam mop.

A mop every type of hard floor

The Shark S3501 is made for clearing every type of hard floors. We tried it laminated floors, tile floors, mosaic, marble and usual cement floors (no the uneven one that found in your house compound). All of these floors come really clean and shiny. Some of the floors look like new especially the tiles and marble floors. The mops are great on the working stain as well. If your floor doesn’t have stretch marks of paints, then all the mark will come out quickly. Infect some of the paint mark fades after moping the area. So, for removing, dust, debris, mud the seat mop is perfect. It takes the very low time to clean.

We also use it on wooden floors as well. They came out clean as well. But steam is not a friend for wood when it comes to color and varnish. So, some color is coming out and make the are totally dry. But this is a usual problem with wooden floors. Overall it was good on it. One thing to remember when you are using steam mops. They are good at removing dirt from the surface but not so well on the gouts. So, dirt trapped inside between tiles or wood will be a little tricky to clean with it.

Large water capacity

The Shark S3501 is also good with holding water in its reserved tank. It can hold 450 ml water at a time. With this water, you can clean for a pretty good time. It’s not might be enough for cleaning a big room at a time but the good thing is it can create steam very fast- just in 30 sec. So if you keep a small bucket or water bottle aside you can quickly relieve the water tank and start cleaning. The tank has a quick but tight access or mouth where you can input water. This tank also consists semitransparent wall so users can monitor the water level before running out from the water. This water tank goes pretty well with the mop. Without making look heavy it’s giving the mop a new dimension which is pretty cool.

Washable cleaning pads

The best shark vacuum and mop comes with washable cleaning pad which can be used for a long period. It’s very soft yet strong and goes with every floor. You can easily add or remove with mop head and use it immediately. However, these white mops turn out black or dark brown every time we use it on our floors before the floor was completely clean. We were sad to see the face of or washing pad but equally happy after getting the nice neat and clean floor.

We will need two washing pad if you clean floors two times in a row in a day every month. Shark also provide spare washing pads which you can buy online or from your local home appliances showrooms. This micro fiber pads are coming with 3 or 6 pieces of the set and cost you as a normal mop. However, the price is reasonable when you think of their usefulness and long lasting performance.

Flexible to use

Handling the mop, we find it easy and too simple at a time. It’s easy to refile, move and reach to different spots of the house, under the furniture. This Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 is all about plug and play. It doesn’t come with an on-off switch so actually, you can’t control the start or finishing steaming by yourself as an individual. But as it’s a cleaner so, plugging the mop make it start and empty tank makes it stop. Or you have the plug to pull out to stop it.

The handle of the mop is pretty wide and good for secure grip. Anybody can use the mop comfortably. Infect those have arthritis issues can also use the steam mop without any difficulty. Because of it don’t have any switch to control the action they can clean with it just but move back and forth. There is a spring in the wand of this mop which allows you to push the brush against the floor and allow deep clean.

The shark mop works best on carpet floors and walls as well. Yes, this mop is suitable to clean your walls too. Aside from the daily full house Floor-cleaning, the Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 is a quick solution to your accidental mess. Like, splitting curry on the kitchen, removing paw marks of pet or rain water from the balcony etc.


  • Don’t need to use a harsh chemical with it.
  • Simple push and pull technique to operate.
  • Dry fast the cleaned area.
  • Simple hand washable cleaning pad.
  • Suitable to use on any hard floors.


  • Does not contain any on/off switch, you have to plug or unplug the mop for a start or stop.
  • Don’t come with any warranty or guaranty offers.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: Is it suitable to use cleaning walls?

Answer:  Yes, it is.

Question: Can the mop useful to clean ground dirt from tile grout?

Answer: Grout dirt is a bit difficult for this particular mop but it does great on tile floor by cleaning stains, dust dirt etc.

Question: Can I add vinegar or cleaner in the mop with water?

Answer: you can spray cleaner before cleaning floors but adding extra chemical is not recommended.

Question: Can I clean carpets with the mop as well?

Answer: It’s not made for cleaning carpets deeply, but it can be useful to clean carpeted floor.

Last Verdict

In the end of the shark steam pocket mop review we have to get the clear idea of how well it could work in your daily cleaning chores, sure it has some flaws with the switch and also manufacturer warranty too but surely we can adjust the matter. Here, you can also get the best vacuum for stairs cleaning but the shark steam mo is the best one.

The steam mop can provide a better service rather than your usual mop or even hand cleaning. If you have messy kids and usual problem with dirty shoes walk through the house than this mop could be a life saver. It takes minimum time to clean a are completely and leave fresh and shiny floors.

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