Shark Rotator Professional NV400 Review

Shark Rotator Professional NV400 Review

In this Shark rotator professional nv400 review, we are going to discuss one of the shark’s best vacuum cleaner. We will try to find here what especially things it offers and how effective they are. So, let’s get started. The Shark Rotator Professional NV400 vacuum is in the market for past few years and gets popular for its super suction ability. The best shark vacuum cleaner has used some quality system that’s is not only user-friendly but also makes it long lasting. It has a filter to store all the dirt which is easy to clean and return to its position.

Basically, it a simple and easy to operate vacuum which can be handled by anybody. This filter capacity is may not so overwhelming but still good for your regular cleaning. The vacuum has power full motor which lasts for years without any problem. If anything you face trouble while using the vacuum or find any technical default you can contact the manufacturer directly. They offer 5 years of limited warranty with this vacuum cleaner.

Shark Rotator Professional NV400

Shark Rotator Pro NV400 Specs:

  • Vacuum Model: Shark NV400
  • Vacuum Weight: 15.8 pounds
  • Dust Capacity: 3 dry quarts
  • Clean Type: Carpet, Floorcare
  • Available Color: White/Red
  • Cleaning Path: 10 inches
  • Cord Length: 30 feet
  • Portability: Portable
  • Suction Control: Yes

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Features of Shark Rotator Professional NV400

Most of the vacuum cleaner claims to provide maximum suction power and cleaning feature but not always be good for every type of cleaning. on the other hand, the Shark rotator nv400 is different from all. It has multiple features with easy cleaning filter that traps every single dirt of your floor, furniture and make them completely clean. It is the best vacuum for pet hair. So you can use to remove pet hair easily.

So, let’s see what more the Shark rotator professional nv400 can offers to it uses. Here give some important features of this best vacuum cleaner. Have a look below.

Best-ever suction technology

The most important option feature of a vacuum cleaner is its powerful suction. That the quality helps the machine suck every dirt and dust and clean an area. And in that case, the Shark rotator professional nv400 is ten-on- ten. The vacuum machine comes with super advanced cyclonic technology which never loses suction power. It such all the type of dirt hidden inside carpet fiber and cleans deeply. It can separate fine dirt from the air so your air becomes more fresh and clean. Also when its sucking big-to small any dirt and dust it can separate them to and prevent them from clogging the filters. That how is keeps the suction power on and strong for a long time. Even after years of use, you can’t find the power is loosening a bit.

Enhance swivel steering

Shark Rotator Professional NV400 Reviews

This best vacuum is an expert in multiple side cleaning. means the head of the vacuum can rotate all around so you can clean under the furniture, corner of your rooms easily. The head has two LED lights which helps to clean dark areas with good observation. It's lightweight and easy handling features also help this maneuvering cleaning. It’s not like a mop or broom where half of your work done by yourself, like, finding the dirt, rotate your position in a different angle to clean. But here, the Shark rotator professional nv400 will do most of the work by itself. It will reach the tightest space of your furniture, different corner even walls as well. It will be bit hard but you can use it for cleaning spider sides from the wall and certain as well.

Gives cleaner air & furniture

The Shark nv400 is not meant for cleaning dust from floor and furniture. It’s all about leaving a fresh room everything you clean with it. It's anti-allergen seal technology works for capture every micro-biotical element that causes allergy. Its powerful suction pulls all kind of dirt, dust, mud and cleans any surface properly. That’s why it’s best for any hard floor carpeted floors. Especially if you have kids or older people in your house they will be beneficiary more from the Allergen free air, room and furniture. Even those are not actually allergy patients will be benefited by the vacuum cleaner. It helps to lessen asthma attack, lungs problem and leave the fresh breathable air.

Premium pet tools

For bonus addition, the Shark rotator professional nv400 comes with a premium pet tools. Its name says what it could do. If you have dogs or cat in your house you better know how stubborn can their far when it stuck on sofa, bed or quilt. Also, kitty litter is another problem that needs to clean every day. Like the vacuum cleaner this pet attachment is great for effective cleaning. also its lightweight and compact in size. So you can keep it any corner of your house or near you hand so you can have it when emergency.

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  • The suction of the hose is really good from a deep cleaning.
  • Anti- allergen complete seal technology.
  • Comes with pet tools for removing fur, litter, pet food.
  • It comes with washable HEPA filters.
  • Good for cleaning which above forms floor level.
  • Suitable to use on any type of hard floors.
  • Pet brush work equality get to remove animal fur.
  • Much quieter compare than other vacuum cleaners.


  • No room for keeping the pet attachment.
  • The wand is not so long.
Shark Rotator Professional NV400 Review

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: Is the hose of the vacuum being extra-long?

Answer: yes, even the handle is also very long.

Question: Does the pet brush rotate?

Answer: yes, the pet brush rotatable.

Question: Is the vacuum being good for cleaning wooden floors?

Answer: Yes, they are safe for any type of hard floors.

Question: Does the product cost includes pet and other attachment?

Answer: The pet brush yes, others no.

Question: Does it come with any other color?

Answer: No, they are not.

Final Verdict

In the end of Shark rotator professional nv400 review, we have got a strong view of how this gadget work or learning. It's best to say how well it can work. Basically, it’s a powerful, strong and multi-tasking vacuum which suitable to use for everyday cleaning. You can now take care of you hard floors, carpeted floors, rugs, curtain etc. so easily. Moreover, its spare attachment like pet tools is a great addition of this daily usable vacuum cleaner. The price of the vacuum cleaner bit high. but long with the warranty, high customer’s satisfaction the Shark rotator professional nv400 is totally worth it.

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