Shark Navigator Lightweight Upright Vacuum NV22S Review

In this Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22S review, we are going know all about this powerful multitasking vacuum cleaner. This cleaner has been arrived in the market for more than a couple of years and already get popular among different type of users. This is a complete vacuum cleaner that offers multiple cleaning operations with its superpower and advanced level of accessories. You can use for cleaning things like floors, rug, mattress, sofa couch, curtains and many more item. It has the proper equipment for removing animal fur or dirt hidden underneath of furniture. Also, it’ compact design allows you to keep it any corner of the house and use anytime.

The cleaner is quite simple to use or even maintain. Anyone can use this cleaner for everyday or weekend house-cleaning. however, this vacuum vacuum is completely bagless, it has a compartment for store all the dust. So there is a hassle of adding or removing bags once the bag is filled with dirt.

For Whom Shark NV22S Vacuum is Designed?

Those who want a super cleaner to clean floor to bottom of their house, they can surely have Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22S.

  • If you want a hard floor cleaner which will clean completely every corner of the floor without damaging it, this is the best one for that.
  • The vacuum cleaner is also effective on mattress, sofa, rugs as well. If you need to clean pet hair, litter every day.
  • Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22S is the best vacuum if you are looking for a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner which will provide great power and will last longer.
Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22S

Shark NV22S Vacuum Specs

  • Comes with Never lose suction technology.
  • Bottom empty dust cap.
  • Easily accessible wand.
  • Dust cup capacity- 1.0 dry quarter.
  • Weight- 14.9 pounds.
  • Motor power- 1200 watts.
  • Bonus tools like pet brush, wide upholstery tool, cervical tool and accessory bag.
  • Included accessories- One cervical tool (5.5 inches), two dusting brushes.
  • Offers 5 years of limited warranty service.

For More Specifications – Click Here

Features of Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22S

If you need something for everyday cleaning especially if you have carpeted floor or has pets, then there is nothing better than having a vacuum cleaner. This Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22S is suitable to use at home, office, shops, labs or anywhere. You cannot use it for your house compound or anywhere with hard sheet rock dust. It’s usually made for cleaning different type of hard floors use in the home, shop or office. However, if you come to the power and capacity, shark navigator nv22s is surely something that anyone would invest. As our research, we found its one of the most durable vacuum by Shark. That means, it will give you the certainty of long-term best performance.

There is more about Shark vacuum that’s you should know before considering to having it. Here is a discussion about some of its special features. Have a look below.

Powerful cleaning capacity

This best vacuum cleaner from Shark comes with an amazing technology names ‘Never Loses Suction System’. Infect, almost all Shark vacuum cleaner does have the features. The main thing about it is, the vacuum clean pulls every type of dust and dirt inside the storage container. The suction power is so strong that shark navigator nv22s can suck the tiniest dirt hidden inside your carpet very easily. Its powerful motor allows the cleaning head or brush take pieces of glass, hair, mud, etc.

Multiple cleaning capacities

The Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22S is not only made for cleaning floors, it can do some other cleaning as well. It has some additional tools like 16-inch extension hose, dusting brush, etc. the extension hose allow cleaning under your furniture, corner or sofa, curtains, foam chair couch etc. you can use it for cleaning the computer, keyboard, sound box etc. as well. Actual the tube and brush make a good pair together to reach tight spots of your house. Many people use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of spider webs. Well, you can use the tube for removing spider webs as well. The thing is you can use it for almost any type of cleaning work in your house.

Premium pet tool

Here is another additional feature of this Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22S cleaner. It comes with a pet tool consisting a pet brush. This set is very affecting on removing pet hair. Those pet owners often stubble with pet hair, kitty litter can find this best vacuum cleaner very useful. Only they know how a kitty can make a mess with their fur. Even the long-haired dog hair give pain with hair too. However, the pet brush is good for ideal for removing every single fur or human hair from the furniture, carpet, sofa or cushion. Its compact size is perfect for cleaning every corner of your furniture deeply.

Stress-free usage

Unlike other, the vacuum cleaner will not give you the trouble with a bagged filter or troublesome maintenance. Also, many bagless vacuum give trouble with clog dust. Especially those microfiltration systems. They are good for being hypoallergenic but often jammed by dust and dirt. So, even the filter bag has half-filled the vacuum stopped working or loses power. On the other hand, the Shark Vacuum NV22S is free from such these problem. Its washable filter allows you to relive dust time to time without forcing by clogging. It can hold 1 dry quarter of dust at a time. After the filter is full of dust you can wash them and use for next use.


  • Simple to put together all the attachments.
  • Works great on any hard floors and carpet.
  • Useful for removing stubborn pet hair.
  • Don’t make a too much loud sound.
  • Compact size and easy to maneuver.
  • Looks nice too with its shiny but classy silver body.


  • It feels heavier while using it for a long time.
  • Good for light use only like, wooden floor, carpets, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can I use it to clean window frame and curtains?

Answer:- Yes, it’s additional tool allows you to clean window, curtains even sofa too.

Question: Does the cleaner has on/off switch for the brush?

Answer:- Yes, it has on/off switch for the brush.

Question: Is it bagged or bagless?

Answer:- It’s bagless vacuum cleaner.

Question: Does it come with any other color?

Answer:- No, it does not come with any other color.

Final Verdict

Overall, in this Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22S review, it appears that, it’s a great vacuum cleaner for using for everyday cleaning. Its powerful suction able to suck every single dirt staying on the floor or hidden in the carpet. The vacuum cleaner doesn’t state any ‘allergy-free’ cleaning but once you clean the apartment with it, you will feel the difference.

The vacuum cleaner is surely a fresh breathable air left behind after cleaning the floor and furniture. Also, this maneuver vacuum is good for emergency cleanings like splitting spices or food between the kitchen or smashed glass on the floor. If you are going use for casual floor cleaning including the pet hair or litter, the Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22S would definitely your smart choice. To get more shark vacuum cleaners, Click Here.

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