How To Compare Shark Vacuums? Tips and Guides

Compare Shark Vacuums

The Shark provides vacuums with so many varieties under different categories of product lines. So, it becomes tricky when you are planning to buy. This guide will help you compare shark vacuums. After reading this you will find it easier what to buy and what not to. You will understand your preferences and needs. It is best to prepare from beforehand. That way you can buy the best and right vacuum cleaner. As you know different vacuums have different features. If you understand you need you will select the correct one.

As you are going to use the cleaner for a long time you must understand each feature in a proper way. Say for some shark vacuums are best at cleaning pet hair but may not be great at cleaning carpeted floors. It is your task to analyze these features before buying. Over time shark has become popular among household. They have grown big and tried to cover all the section that is needed to keep a home clean. Not all cleaners are suitable for dealing with all the problems. Some have special features. Since you will use it, it is your task to identify the best one for your use.

best Shark Vacuum Models

How to compare shark vacuums with each other?

It is not easy to compare shark vacuums as they have many varieties. You need to know the main aspects for good comparison. Each cleaner has their own unique abilities. After a good amount of research, I have identified the key elements or factors. Also, I have included some expert’s suggestions from different sites. Moreover, customer’s reviews are also taken into account. Below I have discussed some of the most important factors for comparing the vacuums.

Types of vacuums

Shark make four types of vacuum cleaner. You can use them according to your flexibility. They are upright vacuums, canister vacuums, handheld vacuums, and stick vacuums.

1. Upright vacuums

This vacuum is useful if you have to clean bigger and wider space and Uprights are also the best for cleaning your carpets. They help in the deep cleaning process. This type of cleaner may pull out any type of grime. So, this requires less watt which saves your electricity. These usually contain cords. You do not have to put much effort while cleaning. So, this vacuum is useful.

2. Handheld vacuums

If you compare shark vacuums according to their type, a handheld vacuum is one of the best. You can buy these if you have a very limited space. These are best to clean areas that is too much difficult to reach. This type of cleaner is the small version of a full size cleaner.

3. Canister vacuums

Canister vacuums are great if you want a lighter vacuum. It has great maneuverability that helps it to reach difficult places. The cleaner has long cords to provide you flexibility while cleaning. You can store it without any difficulty. There are different sizes of the canister. So, you can buy the ones that you prefer.  Canister vacuums are a combination of both upright and handheld vacuum cleaner. It gives you a balanced version of both. It consumes more watt so it is powerful. You can use this cleaner to clean different type of floor areas.

4. Stick vacuums

Stick vacuums is also very useful for everywhere. If you want something that is easier to use, then go for stick vacuums. You will not face difficulty cleaning the corners of each room. The Stick vacuums are very light in weight. This is the best vacuums for them who are not good at dealing with heavy stuff then stick is the right choice.

Cord or Cordless

To compare shark vacuum you must consider whether they have cords or not. There are products of shark that has cords which are up to 35 feet long. Also, there are products that are cordless. They run on batteries. It is concluded that cordless ones are less powerful than the ones with cords. But if are looking for something that you do not have to pull around then go for cordless. You can use them anywhere without looking for sockets.

Charging might be an issue here. If the cordless cleaner takes more time to charge but provides lesser run time, it is of no use. Vacuums with cords have greater power because they consume direct electricity. But some may find cords are problematic to move around with. Both cord and cordless vacuums have their good and bad sides. You must consider your need first before selecting.

Normal filter or HEPA filter

Filters are an important part of a vacuum cleaner. HEPA filters are more useful, as they have anti-allergen technology. They keep the dust inside. And also purifies the air from any type of bacteria in the air. If you are a highly allergic person you should buy the cleaners that consist of HEPA filters.

If the allergy is not an issue. You may buy a cleaner with a normal filter. Also, you must check whether the filters are washable or not. Try to buy the ones that are washable. It reduces the cost of going to the market every now and then. It is your choice whether you want a normal filter or a HEPA filter vacuum for cleaning your house.

Bag or no bagsShark Vacuum Models

When you compare shark vacuums with each other check whether they have bags or not. The vacuum that does not have bags, stores all the dust inside the canister. You do not have to buy replacement bags, this reduces cost. Since you do not have to replace the bag every now and then, this saves you time. You can clean the canister directly. But, if you are an allergic person it is not a wise choice. Also, washing the canister might be a difficult work as you have to open the part of the vacuum.

In this case, buying a vacuum with bags may come handy. You can throw the bag of dust away without even opening it. Direct contact with dust may create harmful allergic reactions. So, it depends on your preference which one you like better.

Suction power

There are many vacuums with different suction powers. To compare shark vacuums against their suction power is vital. Check the catalog of each cleaner. You will find something known as watt. The more the watt the more powerful is the vacuum cleaner.

Some of us may own pets, they may litter around the house which might be hard to clean. Also, children may accidentally drop their food on the carpets or sofas. The grime might be hard to clean if the suction power is low. For this, you need greater suction ability. But some people need greater power as they do not litter much. So, lower suction power may work for them.


The weight is an important factor. If you are a small and petite person it is best to buy vacuums that weigh less. But if you are strong and tall you can work with a little heavier one. It all depends on your ability to handle a vacuum cleaner. Shark has a variety of products to help you get the correct weighted vacuum.


Shark provides a variety of attachments with a cleaner. You can compare shark vacuums by what type of attachments they provide. It is vital to check for the ones you need the most. Try to do a little research on each attachment. You may find some that are very important for cleaning your house. You may find different attachment to clean different types of floor. Also, if you own pets go for the pet accessories. This way you can clean any pet hair with perfection. You may find vacuum accessories that can be detached from the cleaner. This way you can clean those areas that are hard to reach. Also, you can clean corners or under any heavy furniture.


Budget is the most important factor. You should be able to afford what you are looking for. Select all the important factors and then narrow it down according to your budget. It is not always that a highly priced vacuum will provide you with your need. A cheap one can also fulfill your need. But this does not mean you will only stick to the cheap ones. Try to search for shark vacuums which have all the abilities you need.

Types of vacuums

Tips to compare shark vacuums

  • Try to look for the ones that provide greater cleaning on carpeted areas, if your home is fully carpeted.
  • If you have a bare floor, try to select the ones that have steam mops.
  • If your home consists both bare and carpeted surface. Try to buy a hybrid version.
  • There are many types of filters. You may find odor filter that removes any funny smell from the room while cleaning. Also, there are other important filters that may come handy.
  • Warranty is important. Always look for cleaners that provide more warranty time.
  • The more the accessory tools the better.
  • Going for Anti-allergen technology will be the best choice if you are a allergic person.
  • If you like a particular vacuum, it is wise to check for review. From many reviews, you will understand the importance of the cleaner.
  • Cleaners are noisy. They make a buzzing noise that may get you headaches. Try to look for the ones that do not make any noise.
  • There are cleaners that have shorter cord. So, check before buying. Not all the cords are 35 feet long.

Final words

In the end, I would say you must know how to compare shark vacuums. It will help you to select the best possible cleaner for your home. It is not an easy job. You need to understand your need first. After that, you should consider the above elements. All vacuum cleaners have different abilities. They are unique. At times, people tend to get confused by the wide range of choices. This guide will help you to overcome that. Once you know what you need you will select the right and best shark vacuum cleaners. Remember, you know what is best for your home. So what are you waiting for? Start comparing so that you can select the best one.

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