How To Clean Shark Vacuum Hose?

Recently I was researching for info for how to clean shark vacuum hose, since my vacuum, the hose is wholly blocked lately. I found a scary video on YouTube where they were unclogging the hose with the help of car engine and the exhaust. A person attached the hose to the exhaust tightly, and other one starts the engine. For first few seconds nothing happened, but when he pushes the exhauster, some dirt came out from the hose.

That was crazy; you can burn your hand thus we know car exhaust heat up in no time. Or overpower can detach the hose and through it toward to your face. I was looking for less violent after all I don’t think I stacked up an elephant in my hose.

However, I found some handy technique that not only removes clogs but also expands the performance of the wand. Do you want to know? Well, keep reading.

How to clean shark vacuum hose

How to clean shark vacuum hose?

My Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner was the best helping hand with everyday cleaning. And I even forget to clean any of the parts (except the container) for seven months while it was starting to lose the suction. It’s a sign that maybe your cleaning equipment needs to clean too.

I know all of the Shark Navigator Vacuum claim the “no loss of suction” technology, but it’s not the technology problem. But when you know that your vacuum is dirty and it’s high time to give it a good clean. Here is some sign of dirty vacuum.

  1. There’s a loss of suction
  2. It’s starting to leave dirt behind
  3. The sounds different than normal
  4. The vacuum making or leaves an unpleasant odor

If you’re facing any of those or all problems than your vacuum needs to clean. I had only the low suction power problem which finally turns into no suction. So, here is how to clean shark vacuum hose in my ways.

Cleaning the vacuum hose

So back to the vacuum hose and car exhauster story. After sawing the video and some comments I slightly started to think maybe it worked out a little bit. I said you before that my vacuum hose fully blocked and stopped working. So I decide to adopt the idea but with more rational way.

I took my leaf blower from the warehouse and gave it a try after 6/7 times of blowing nothing happened. Suddenly an idea came, and I switch the side of the vacuum. This time I saw something coming out. It was like a hairball loaded with fry fruits, peel, paper, etc. this dirt ball may be the reason the hose stopped working.

So, I decided to clean the vacuum hose completely. In my kitchen when I need to clean some appliances or cookware I use baking soda and sometimes vinegar. You can also follow more cleaning tips to clean your vacuum hose. I follow the same method but more concentrated way to clean the hose.

You can try that too.

  • First, run the hot water from the tap and give the hose a gentle shower from in to outside. Pure the hot water in the hose while closing one end with your hand. Now close the other end and give the hose a good shake so the stubborn dirt can remove or loosen a bit.
  • Second, take a large pot add 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 cups of white vinegar and give it a good mix.
  • Third, hold two of the hose ends together and pour the vinger+baking soda mix in both of them. You will see they will start bobbling inside. Now tightly hold the ends and give them a nice shake for 2 min.
  • Final, now let go the mixture from the hose and wash it with the hot water then cold water thoroughly.

That’s how 99% of dirt particle will wash out. You can use a regular brush to clean the out surface if you think.

You can use regular detergent and water mix to clean the vacuum hose. But the vinegar and baking soda gives much better result and instant cleaning and remove bad odor. Also, the hot and warm water works better than the cold water to remove or loosen the particles.

If you want to use the detergent, then make a mixture of them and then pure into the hose in the same way.

clean shark vacuum hose easily

Some important things to remember

The vacuum hose is one of the essential parts of your vacuum cleaner. To work with every attachment, you need this stuff, and it doesn’t have any alternatives. So, if you don’t know how to clean shark vacuum hose properly, soon you will face many difficulties. It will start losing the suction power and unable to suck small particles from any surface. This problem begins slowly and gradually. At first, you attachment tools like the upholstery brush or cervical tools will slow with work. So, all you left with thaw work with main head. For few day or even weeks the central head will work fine then it will team up with its rest fellows.

To avoid any of problems clean the hose at least once in a month. If you vacuum heavy the, it could be earlier in 15 or 20 days. Also, remember,

  • If you feel the plastic layer of your hose is fragile, avoid harsh chemicals and boiling water.
  • Avoid bleach and alcohol as well. Don’t attach the hose after complete the washing. Hang it for a while and let completely dry.
  • Never use the metal scrub and pointy thing to clean. It might cause a hole in the surface of your hose.


Those who have a vacuum cleaner at home might know that a vacuum is a much efferent then the dirty one. With the hose you should clean the other parts like filter, canister, rotating the brush, etc. of the vacuum as well. Today we discussed about how to clean shark vacuum hose thoroughly and quickly which can help you to clean your vacuum hose. In our upcoming post, we will learn about that other attachment to clean as well. Till then happy cleaning!

  • Updated January 18, 2021
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